Breathe in Love (Song)

New words to an old Cranberries song and a reminder to take a conscious breath.

Isn't it incredible that, at any moment in your day, no matter how you feel or what's happening, you can turn your attention to your breath and access anything you need in that moment: peace, joy, love, anything.

You always have the power to go inward and take a conscious breath - a deep, belly breath that instantly begins to calm and relax you. As soon you make that transition you have the power to breathe in anything you want.

Photo by from Pexels

Play the video below and sing with me:

Breathe in love and everything you need

Breathe it in with me.

Breathe in peace, the deepest, truest kind,

The peace we all want to find.

You don't need to wait anymore

Even though it feels like a war is going on in your mind.

Everything you want is here

Minus thinking, minus fear, relax into this moment.

Breathe in joy, even if you're annoyed

Breathe it in with me.

Crack a smile, even if it's been a while,

Crack a smile with me.

Breathe in deep

Let your belly rise and close your eyes

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What we need is to see something, to have an insight which brings us into awareness.

An awareness which causes us to stop interfering with our innate well-being.

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